About Us

WHY do we get out of bed every morning?

At skinpHace Brands, what drives us is our passion to invest in the most amazing asset we know as "You .” It is at the core of our belief that when we empower you, the individual, to be the best version of you, humanity will profoundly benefit.

HOW do we carry out our why?

We create thoughtfully designed products to celebrate the authentic you, embrace community, and positively impact environment. When these 3 core points are not mirrored in our products, we cast them aside and start all over or, if possible, improve upon the existing design.

WHAT is the end result of our why and how?

Partette is an inimitable spin on classic hair treatment. Blended with high-performing ingredients with the convenience factor of 7-in-1 step, it is a unique oil-based cleansing system that gently washes hair without compromising its natural oils and moisture.